Chef Martha Morgan | Episode 103

Martha Morgan ShandeeLand

Chef Martha Morgan is Founder of Allergy Dragon YouTube Channel (Awarded Top 15 Allergy YouTube Channel) and she recently started a website of the same name.  She is a specialty diet and food allergy chef. She started cooking in restaurants with her first job at 16 years of age and has been cooking professionally for almost 30 years. In 2003 she became a reluctant food allergy chef due to her child’s first anaphylactic reaction. In 2009, she became a gluten-free chef due to her and her children’s diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  She shares the incredible story of her child’s first anaphylactic reaction to food and the thoughtfulness of the EMT that arrived.  She talks the obstacles of working as a chef outside the home and inadvertently bringing home her child’s allergen on her clothing and how stressful it was that her calling and passion could negatively impact the quality of life of her child.  She shares how her passion and her family’s needs merged into the creation of Allergy Dragon.  She hopes to help tame your Allergy Dragon.

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