Michael Garozzo | Episode 75

Michael Garozzo ShandeeLand

Michael Garozzo founded Garozzo’s Ristorante in 1989.  The restaurant business was a family business as his father, Salvatore and his uncle Alfio were waiters in fine restaurants all their lives and Michael followed his family’s traditions and started as a busboy at the age of 13.  Learning and being mentored by the best there is on the “Hill” in St. Louis, famous for its great Italian restaurants, Michael had always wanted to open his own establishment.  The journey from busboy in St. Louis to owning his own restaurant is a story of charm and delight.  Michael reflects on his many successes as a restaurateur- including the creation of their signature dish, Chicken Spiedini. He offers sage advice to those who are looking for confidence in opening up their own restaurant and tells an amusing story about one of the best advertising ideas he had that involved fire hydrants.

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