Michael Guerriero | Episode 122

Michael Guerriero ShandeeLand

The first American-born to win The Gelato Festival America’s highest honor came in 2019 to Chef Michael Guerriero. His winning flavor was ‘Blueberry Basil.’ Chef Mike attributes his success in part due to the peer-to-peer influence he experienced as a teen. Obviously, he is an expert in making gelato and ice cream, and he shares his knowledge with us, including the similarities between these two delicious desserts and what makes them different. He also gives an incredible history lesson, including how and why America legislated ice cream and where Italy stands on doing the same with gelato. Chef Mike shares the lessons learned while competing in the Gelato Festival and details the changes and tweaks he made to create a winning flavor. As a business owner of Guerriero Gelato, Chef Mike talks about the challenges and the learning process in making the business a success. He also shares all the good things in his and his company’s future.

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