Chef Michael Mauri | Episode 81

Michael Mauri ShandeeLand

Chef Michael Mauri, Chef Instructor for Bistro 13 at East Valley Institute of Technology, has 30 years in the restaurant and hospitality arena.  He discusses the limitless career path possibilities and hospitality opportunities available to students today and Michael has done many throughout his notable career.  He shares his thoughts about teaching, mentoring, and instructing and how to get the best out of novices.  Michael talks about running a restaurant as a learning tool and preparing his students for the workforce.  He is also the Chef / Owner of Pro Chef Solutions (, consulting on restaurant operations.  He has a unique ability to identify and determine what is not working and how to rectify and move forward by implementing solutions through training and leadership. He shares common mistakes made and offers roadmaps to improve the situation. Michael talks about how using technology in restaurants can help your business and finding the balance for the best results.  He also shares his advice for students and future chefs to make the most out of their career choice.

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