Michelle Addison | Episode 142

Michelle Addison ShandeeLand

Michelle Addison’s family is a family living with food allergies. Michelle herself suffers from food allergies. She also is a mother to three, all with food allergies. Her husband has adult on-set food allergies, and their dog was recently diagnosed. Their journey is constantly changing as some allergies are out-grown and new ones are diagnosed. One with food allergies is challenging; five can be overwhelming, and the constant change can make it seem like an impossible task. People with food allergies know all too well the struggles and the heavy load that comes with grocery shopping and planning safe meals.  When Michelle’s daughter was born with dairy and soy allergies, she felt overlooked and overwhelmed. She created her blog and Facebook page to find a community to help and support each other. This led to building Allergood.   Allergood takes the fear out of grocery shopping for the top 20 allergens. No more scrutinizing labels. No more calling and emailing manufacturers. No more having to eat the same foods every week. Allergood helps you shop confidently by making grocery shopping safer, easier, and more convenient.  

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