Dr. Nana Mireku | Episode 96

Dr. Nana Mireku Shandeeland

Pediatric Allergist and Immunologist Dr. Nana Mireku has a passion. That passion is evident in everything she says and everything she does, and it certainly shines through every word of this conversation. Her mission is about reaching her patients’ goals through her food allergy knowledge.  She is in love with the ever-changing science of allergy but loves it more when her patients experience the freedom to attend birthday parties, eat lunch with others at school, or go on outings with friends.  She treats her patients by meeting them where they are through their experiences and treating them with a holistic, integrative approach.  Dr. Mireku talks about the testing process and the position testing should take in diagnosing allergies.  As a food allergy mom, she shares her child’s first horrifying anaphylactic reaction and her family’s emotional journey that followed.  She talks about how being a food allergy mom has made her a better pediatric allergist.   She shares her wish list from the research and development community to help her as a clinician.  

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