Food Allergy Advocate, Natalie Rhone | Episode 42

Food Allergy advocate and blogger, Natalie Rhone, has dedicated her life to advancing food allergy research and searching for better treatments. We were honored to have her on the show to discuss her knowledge and expertise around anaphylactic food allergies. We started by asking her about her journey with food allergies. From the age of 15, Natalie started developing life-threatening allergies to almost every food. We then explored the issues and inaccuracies around skin prick testing. In this episode, you will also learn about the Tolerance Induction Program (TIP), an emerging form of food allergy treatment. Natalie explained the differences between TIP and Oral Immunotherapy. She also provided insights on the benefits of TIP and how it is uniquely tailored to a patient’s data. Listeners will get a better understanding of the concept called “protein matching.”

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