Natalie Rice | Episode 180

Natalie Rice ShandeeLand

In this podcast episode, our guest is Natalie Rice, owner of the peanut-sniffing service dog named Harley, who has gained fame on Instagram. Natalie shares the story of her daughter, who experienced a traumatic bullying incident that heightened her anxiety over a peanut allergy, making dining out even more challenging.

The podcast delves into the family’s experiences navigating life with a peanut-sniffing service dog, the unique challenges her daughter faces due to the allergy, and the positive impact Harley has had on their daily lives. Additionally, the discussion touches on the development and features of the app that showcasing Harley and provides valuable information related to food allergies.

Overall, the podcast episode offers insights into the world of service dogs, the emotional journey of living with a severe food allergy, and the innovative use of technology through the app featuring the internet-famous peanut-sniffing service dog, Harley.

Find the app here:

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