Celebrity Chef, Nick Wallace | Episode 41

Chef Nick Wallace

Celebrity Chef Nick Wallace is a leader in the Southern food experience. Chef Wallace was featured on the list of “2017’s Best Chefs America” and was also Mississippi’s first Food Network’s Chopped Champion. I was honored to have him on the show to discuss his culinary journey. Chef Wallace shared more about his Mississippi family-farm origins and also talked about the culinary skills that were passed on by his grandmothers, Queen Morris and Lennel Donald. We also discussed his experience working with Marriott Hotels and how traveling fueled his passion for cooking. Chef Wallace is heavily involved in supporting the Jackson community. Learn more about his non-profit organization, Creativity Kitchen, and how he is working with Jackson Public Schools to provide better tasting and healthier food for young scholars. We asked Chef Wallace about his favorite dish to teach and his experience cooking tarantulas on Food Network’s Chopped: Alton’s Challenge. 

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