Dr. Nikhila Schroeder | Episode 115

Dr. Nikhila Schroeder ShandeeLand

Dr. Nikhila Schroeder is certified in Allergy & Immunology, and Pediatrics. Dr. Schroeder and her husband James founded Allergenuity Health to build an ideal care community for people affected by allergies while specializing in Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). SLIT is a safe process by which you and your allergist can work together to train your immune system to be more tolerant of your allergens. SLIT treatment engages special, tolerance-promoting immune cells underneath the tongue (the “sublingual” space) to influence and train the immune system to be more tolerant of allergens.   Her education and career intersect her love of problem solving, logic, and reasoning. She shares her professional journey and how an anaphylactic reaction in a baby solidified her focus on Allergy & Immunology, and Pediatrics.   She talks about what SLIT is, how it works, and why she selected this methodology.   She discusses the similarities and differences to Oral Immunotherapy (OIT). Dr. Schroeder also explains how she determines success and if free eating is a reasonable expectation from the treatment.

Between foods and aeroallergens,  Allergenuity Health currently has approximately 180 different antigens they can treat.  

Additional information can be found here: https://allergenuityhealth.com

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