Priscilla Hernandez | Episode 128

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AB2640 is named after Zacky, a child with life-threatening food allergies who suffered two anaphylactic reactions in his 1st grade school year. He has made it his mission to champion a state resource guide and ensure that all kids with food allergies and caregivers have the most available and comprehensive information possible in school. Zacky’s mother is Priscilla Hernandez, a food allergy advocate and author of ‘Zacky’s bill / AB 2640’. With Zacky’s anaphylactic reaction at school, she was astounded by the complexity of the school system and saw an opportunity to provide a solution. With her background in nonprofits and working directly with legislators and on education policy, she authored ‘Zacky’s Bill.’  This bill would create the California Food Allergy Resource Guide to provide school districts, parents, caregivers, and students with the necessary information to keep students with food allergies safe at school. The bill directs the Department of Education to include state and federal resources, methods to initiate individualized food allergy management and prevention plans, and other ways to minimize the risk of food anaphylaxis in school.

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