Priscilla Hernandez | Episode 86

Priscilla Hernandez ShandeeLand

We are honored to have the driving force, Priscilla Hernandez, join this week’s episode. Her mission is to enlighten and educate people about food allergies, and she is succeeding in multiple ways. Her son, Zachy, has been diagnosed with multiple food allergies, and she shares their food allergy journey from Zacky’s diagnosis to her advocacy work. She was astounded by the complexity of the school system and saw an opportunity to provide a solution. With her background in nonprofits and working directly with legislators and on education policy, she drafted ‘Zacky’s Bill.’ The bill’s purpose is to create guidelines for local education agencies to protect pupils with food allergies. Priscilla also does advocacy work with Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), and Zacky and the Hernandez Munoz Family are featured in Zacky’s Kitchen:-Our Family Recipes on FARE’s Living Teal Network. She is also authoring a children’s book series, ‘Super Zachy,’ and the first is expected soon. Priscilla and Shandee talk about strategies of teaching a child to self-advocate. Priscilla also shares her advice on how to get involved and make a voice for yourself.

Keep up on all that the Hernandez Munoz family is doing from their website:

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