Rafi Taherian | Episode 127

Rafi Taherian ShandeeLand

Rafi Taherian is the Associate Vice President of Yale Hospitality at Yale University. Still, his journey started in Iran, and he shares his intriguing story that exemplifies an immigrant’s journey to the US. Rafi is a dining services revolutionary who has forged partnerships with Yale University and the food industry to create positive change on campus and in dining halls. His leadership in developing innovative programs for sustainability makes him an iconic figure at this institution of higher learning. Rafi and Yale Hospitality are committed to sustainability initiatives that protect animals, support local food systems, and equitably offer minimal processing of foods. Rafi shares his personal and professional experiences.   He discusses how a sustainable program works day-to-day and how the students respond. He also shares what ingredient is the best to invest in for success in the kitchen.

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