Dr. Reneé Matthews | Episode 82

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Dr. Reneé Matthews is a medical doctor that does not practice medicine in the traditional sense but educates about health in all media forms. She is a medical expert and correspondent, a professional health educator, blogger, author, speaker, and host. She hosts “Out of Office with Dr. Reneé,” a part of Outcome Health, and is seen in 45,000+ doctors’ offices across the US. She also hosts “Ask Dr. Reneé” which premiered as a platform to motivate and inspire people to live the life they deserve. She recently published “Mommy I Can’t Breathe: The Modern Guide to Navigate Allergies and Asthma.” The book details her real-life journey with severe asthma and allergies that began as an infant. Her story is proof that you can do all the things with an asthma and food allergies diagnosis. Dr. Reneé talks about her personal and professional journey and why some would categorize it as unconventional. She offers advice for those who want to take an unconventional path themselves. She also shares the most memorable, unusual, and random questions she has been asked. Dr. Reneé is passionate about addressing the health concerns of Black women. She talks about the problems Black women have in obtaining the best possible health and medical care. She offers the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the healthcare system, stay safe in the pursuit of care, and encourages patients to be active participants in their health and healthcare.

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