Rick Petralia | Episode 83

Rick Petralia ShandeeLand

We were honored to have Fazoli’s Director of Culinary Innovation, Rick Petralia, join this week’s episode. Chef Rick had a long and distinguished career in operations before taking on a role as chef. He shares his incredible journey from a math major to chef and how one cook calling in sick changed everything. He discusses the importance of cross-training and how working in operations made him a better chef. You’ll also hear Rick’s valuable insights on innovation and technology as CertiStar’s most recent partner.  He talks about the importance of reading reviews and how they are an invaluable tool. for success.  Chef Rick and Shandee discuss TIKTOK as a growing social media promotion, specifically the pasta chip trend and how Rick upped the ante.  Chef Rick shares the new and exciting things happening at Fazoli’s and why their breadsticks are an essential part of his work.

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