Riya Miglani | Episode 94

Riya Miglani Shandeeland

Riya Miglani is a Food Allergy Advocate that is doing incredible things. Most recently, she co-authored an illustrated children’s book titled “The Hidden Hero.”  She shares the journey, from inspiration through publication and beyond.  Her goal in writing this book was to empower kids to be their own heroes.  She hosts the podcast “Less Panic, More Peace.” which shares food allergies stories, insights, tips, ideas, and helpful lessons to bring a little more peace.  She also belongs to a TED Talk club in school and led her own Talk, “The Psychology of Persuasion.”  Riya has multiple food allergies, and her two siblings also have food allergies.  She talks about her family’s food allergy journey.  Having food allergies has bonded them, and they look out for each other and support each other. Riya talks about the anxiety, paranoia, and mental health issues food allergy children have. And she shares about a study she has conducted and the hopes and goals she has for it.

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