Ron Duprat | Episode 147

Ron Duprat ShandeeLand

Ron Duprat is a celebrity chef, TV star in his own right, keynote speaker and author.  He is currently working as an Executive Chef and F&B Director for Amarilla Golf and Country Club and is on the Board of Directors for The Black Culinary Alliance, BCAGlobal.  Chef Ron is Haitian born and moved to the US as a child.  He is classically trained and educated in Paris.  His specialty is combining rich Caribbean heritage flavors with French accents. He wrote his own book called “My Journey of Cooking” and was appointed as a Culinary Ambassador by the State Department.  He discusses his incredible journey and talks about those that influenced his life.  He shares his favorite things to cook, ensuring they pair well with rum.  He is best known as one of the top competitors on Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” and talks a bit about his behind the scenes experiences.  Close to his heart is “Mindful Eating for the Beloved Country”.  The book was created by a diverse group of chefs, nutritionists, and food activists and offers strategies to rebuild the connections between diet, culture, faith, the environment and community well-being, with a focus on the deep connection between mindful eating, social justice and sustainability.

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