Ruth Holroyd | Episode 164

Ruth Holroyd ShandeeLand is one of the Top UK allergy blogs, written by Ruth Holroyd to encourage people to question and learn about their life-affecting condition.   Ruth is an allergy and eczema expert, leaning into her passion for advocacy. During the Covid lockdown, Ruth wrote her first book, “Anaphylaxis: The Essential Guide: An Action Plan For Living With Life-Threatening Allergies.” She wanted to help others living with life-threatening allergies. She followed it up with her second book, “The Shape of Skin – Sensitive, Striking and Moving Poetry for People with Eczema.” A better way of healing, seeing, and treating eczema skin is her hope for the future. Ruth also used this time to withdraw from topical steroids. She used topical steroids for over 40 years to treat her eczema. They damaged her skin, immune system, and internal organs. Ruth is severely allergic to nuts, peanuts, milk, celery, and soya and has suffered numerous anaphylactic reactions. The knowledge that you could die from a severe allergic reaction can severely limit your life and has caused her crippling anxiety.   Ruth shares her stress and fear from the threat of anaphylaxis.  She shares practical tips, advice, and guidance to help you survive and thrive with severe allergies. 

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