Ryan Dion | Episode 136

Ryan Dion ShandeeLand

Ryan Dion is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 110 Grill and guides one of the nation’s fastest-growing restaurant chains, an eight-year-old enterprise with 36 restaurants across five states. He was named The Massachusetts Restaurant Association’s Restaurateur of the Year in 2020. Ryan shares what sparked his passion for the hospitality industry and his journey to lead restaurants of his own. He and his team dutifully care for people with food allergies. He discusses their allergy program and protocols and why 110 Grill was named Top Ten Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Brand by Allergy Eats. They are also impressively Proud Supporters of the Boston Children’s Hospital Celiac Disease Program. Ryan discusses expansion and carefully considers the whys and hows, where the risks lie in the process, and how these risks can be mitigated. He discusses what he, as an employer, is looking for in a candidate and provides tips on how to sell yourself during an interview. He is deeply involved with ProStart, helping state-level teams and judging at the national level. Golf tournament? Check! 100% of proceeds going towards this great cause.

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