Sara Shannon | Episode 66

Sara Shannon ShandeeLand

Sara Shannon knows a parent’s greatest grief.  Her daughter, Sabrina, passed at the age of 13 due to an anaphylaxis reaction from inadvertently eating her food allergen during school lunch.  Sara has worked tirelessly in her daughter’s memory bestowing her name and her courageous spirit to Sabrina’s Law. Sabrina’s Law requires all Ontario Schools to establish and maintain an anaphylaxis policy to help students with serious allergies.  This was the first legislation of its kind in the world and has served as a model for legislation across Canada as well as in the United States.  Sara, a Food Allergy Advocate and Board Member of FAACT, shares Sabrina’s story.  We learn about this incredible young woman and her zest for life.  Sara made a promise to Sabrina and nothing was going to keep her from fulfilling that promise.  Sara shares the steps she took and the actions necessary in making this bill a law.  We also learn about Sara’s determination to help others in the additional advocacy work she is doing.  She offers advice and guidance on how to be an advocate and how impactful a letter can be.

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