Stacey Saiontz, Food Allergy Advocate | Episode 54

Stacey Saiontz ShandeeLand

In this episode, Shandee converses with food allergy advocate Stacey Saiontz.  Stacey’s journey into food allergy advocacy began because her son was diagnosed with 27 food allergies.  Stacey works closely with FARE and has spearheaded the passage of several pieces of legislation in New York State, including training of educators to recognize anaphylaxis and how to treat it; and allowing students to self-carry prescribed epinephrine. Impressively, her son also supported the cause by championing particular legislation that proposed school buses carry epinephrine.  Stacey shares her advice and experience being a mom with a son with food allergies, while navigating school and friends.  She also chats with Shandee about her work with several holocaust education and breast cancer charities.

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