Stephan C. Baity | Episode 87

Stephan C. Baity Shandeeland

Chef Stephan C. Baity is the Director of Culinary Campus Services for Wofford College. He is also the founder of Pop’s Secret Seasoning by Stephan C. Baity, a memorial to his dad.  And Chef Stephan’s business name is Graffiti Carving. He grew up in the kitchen, and cooking served dual purposes of feeding his family and his creative outlet.  He started doing carving competitions because he wanted to be a cool dad and realized he hadn’t taken significant risks in his life.  He began his first fruit and vegetable carving competition using pumpkin carvings on a watermelon.  Today, his competition acumen is extensive, winning gold in several sculpting competitions, including winning the Food Network’s Cake Wars, Twice!  He shares behind-the-scenes details and provides competition advice. He is also a chef for celebrities and shares who was the biggest DIVA and who surprisingly wasn’t.

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