Light It Teal, Founder, Stephanie Lowe | Episode 20

Stephanie Lowe

During Food Allergy Awareness Week, buildings and landmarks across the United States and the world are lighting teal. I was honored to invite Stephanie Lowe, the brains behind this amazing movement. Stephanie founded Light It Teal to help raise public awareness for food allergies. We discussed where the idea came from and her future plans for the organization. If you’ve ever wondered how iconic buildings are illuminated, Stephanie explained some of the work done behind the scenes and the innovative technology that’s being used. Stephanie is mom to three children, one of whom has food allergies. She shared helpful advice on raising non-allergic kids with food allergic siblings and also gave us her thoughts on how social media can sometimes lead to dodgy decisions on managing allergies. Finally, we took time to discuss some of the lessons she’s learned along the way in setting up Light It Teal and where she finds support.

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