Swapnil Patel | Episode 84

Swapnil Patel ShandeeLand

“Epi, You’re My Best Friend” is written by the creative brilliance of Swapnil Patel.  He self-published this children’s board book to help educate his daughter and other young children with food allergies on the importance of bringing epinephrine (Epi) everywhere. Swapnili’s Café, which provides food allergy resources, is his side hustle to his work in advertising.  In this week’s episode, Swapnil discusses his career and answers if advertising is anything like the media makes it seem (Mad Men, for example).  He talks about his genius behind the ads of some iconic and famous brands.  He shares his thoughts on how advertising has changed from print to the world of TikTok.  Shandee and Swapnil discuss the uniqueness of the responsibilities when running a small business.  He opens up about the unique and frustrating hurdles of being a food allergy parent and his goal of finding a solution to parents’ anxiety and uncertainty. He found the book is an answer and, in the end, was a way to empower his daughter to advocate for her health and safety.   He also shares his advice to newly diagnosed food allergy parents.

To learn more about Swapnil and his beautiful family and purchase his book and other items, please visit www.swapniliscafe.com.

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