Wendy Gordon Pake | Episode 113

Wendy Gordon Pake ShandeeLand

Wendy Gordon Pake, Founder, President, and Volunteer Executive Director of FOODiversity, focuses on health equity by providing a direct link to resources for those with food allergies and celiac disease. FOODiversity aims to provide access to safe food, which is often an unmet medical need. The organization works directly with physicians, social workers, dietitians, schools, and community non-profits such as food pantries and homeless shelters by linking resources to those needing the help the most. Her solution to food insecurity is to raise awareness, provide education and financial support, and increase access.  Wendy shares her family’s personal experience with food allergies and insecurities and discusses the additional hurdles those with food allergies and celiac disease face. She offers suggestions of possible food donations to food pantries to assist those having dietary restrictions. Wendy had an impressive career with the Olympics and talked with Shandee about her work with the Olympic volunteers.

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