Žana DeVine | Episode 91

Žana DeVine Shandeeland

Founder and CEO of Žana DeVine Hospitality, Žana had the privilege of being born into a fantastic hospitality family and grew up within the industry. This is where her passion for the world of hospitality began and while abroad gave her the incentive to earn a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and a master’s degree in Hotel Management. Impressively, she also is fluent in four languages.  Žana DeVine Hospitality is a premium global training and coaching provider founded on the principle that hospitality is about providing outstanding guest services so that your guests have the best possible experience by focusing on the fine details of the guest interactions.  The result is also an excellent functioning environment for the hospitality staff.  Žana will ensure your team, services, and process are exceptional by providing a superior experience.  Please listen to this week’s episode as Žana shares the smallest details to make your guests feel special.

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