Elijah-Alavi Foundation President/CEO, Thomas Silvera | Episode 16

Thomas Silvera

Thomas Silvera - CEO & Founder of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation

Thomas Silvera is one of the leading advocates & educators in the food allergy space. He is the President & CEO of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation. After the tragic passing of his son, Elijah, he worked tirelessly to create legislative change. With the pass of New York State’s Elijah’s Law, Thomas helped improve the safety of thousands of food allergic children in daycare programs. I was honored to have Thomas on the podcast. I asked him about his ongoing mission to push for Elijah’s Law protections at the federal level and his support for other organizations that are fighting for legislative reform. We briefly discussed the lack of food allergy data around minorities and some of the financial barriers to food allergy treatment for low-income families. We addressed the need to make epinephrine devices readily available in public spaces. Thomas shared his thoughts on the lack of resources and emergency protocols at schools. For those of you raising children with food allergies, Thomas provided great advice on where to find support and get access to helpful information. Finally, we had the opportunity to talk about his newest initiative, the Elijah’s Echo Ambassador Program, which provides children the tools and confidence they need to be their own advocates.

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