Thomas Silvera | Episode 167

Thomas Silvera ShandeeLand

Thomas Silvera, Co-Founder and VP of Elijah-Alavi Foundation, delves into the foundation’s mission, outlining their goals and aspirations, and discusses their efforts to drive legislative change at both state and federal levels, with a particular focus on advocating for individuals with food allergies.

Thomas highlights the foundation’s efforts to advocate for changes in laws and policies related to food allergies, including their work in various states and their blueprint toolkit that helps identify gaps and provides a roadmap for advocacy. He also discusses the foundation’s partnership with Belay, a leading advocacy organization.

Thomas reflects on the progress made since his last appearance
on the podcast, including the establishment of the Ambassador Program, which
aims to raise awareness about food allergies and promote advocacy efforts
within local communities.

Throughout the podcast, Thomas shares his personal journey,
challenges, and successes as an advocate for food allergy awareness and
legislative change, and the important work being done by Elijah-Alavi
Foundation to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by food

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