Podcast Episodes

  • Michael Mauri ShandeeLand

    Chef Michael Mauri | Episode 81

    Chef Michael Mauri, Chef Instructor for Bistro 13 at East Valley Institute of Technology, has 30 years in the restaurant and hospitality arena.  He discusses the limitless career path possibilities […]

  • Kortney Kwong Hing ShandeeLand

    Kortney Kwong Hing | Episode 80

    Kortney Kwong Hing was diagnosed with a peanut allergy as a young child and had multiple food allergies develop as an adult. She also suffers from oral allergy syndrome, asthma, […]

  • Justin Fields Shandeeland

    Justin Fields | Episode 79

    Chef Justin Fields is Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Research and Development at Bonefish Grill & Bloomin’ Brands International™.  Justin is creative and artsy; he is passionate and inspiring.  […]

  • Dr. Charise Grant Barnes ShandeeLand

    Dr. Charise Grant Barnes | Episode 78

    Dr. Charise Grant Barnes is a clinical pharmacist who is passionately advocating and supporting individuals and families diagnosed with food allergies.  She combines her personal food allergy journey experiences with […]

  • Lori Moussapour ShandeeLand

    Lori Moussapour | Episode 77

    Lori Moussapour is a therapist, life coach, and educator.  She is the founder of To Empower U and its two specialty divisions, Food Allergy U and To Inspire U, specializing […]

  • Abby Herzig ShandeeLand

    Dr. Abby Herzig | Episode 76

    Dr. Abby Herzig is CEO and Co-Founder of Belay, an innovative app to manage food allergies and confidently share important information with a network of caregivers.  A mom of three, […]

  • Michael Garozzo ShandeeLand

    Michael Garozzo | Episode 75

    Michael Garozzo founded Garozzo’s Ristorante in 1989.  The restaurant business was a family business as his father, Salvatore and his uncle Alfio were waiters in fine restaurants all their lives […]

  • Lizzie Reynolds ShandeeLand

    Lizzie Reynolds | Episode 74

    Lizzie Reynolds, as owner and authorized vacation planner of both “Platinum Mouse” and “Pixie Lizzie Magical Food Allergy Travel Agent”, knows all things Disney.  Despite being adamantly against a vacation […]

  • Emily Williams Knight ShandeeLand

    Dr. Emily Williams Knight | Episode 73

    Dr. Emily Williams Knight is the CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association and Education.   From third grade, her life’s mission has been to provide hospitality and education. Her ambition […]

  • Dr. William Reisacher ShandeeLand

    Dr. William Reisacher | Episode 72

    Dr. William Reisacher is an Otolaryngic Allergist at Weill Cornell Medical College who sees people with a wide range of ear, nose, throat, and allergy problems. While his clinical expertise […]

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